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CH-TH-003 and CH-TH-005

High Stability Visible Lamp Assembly


CH-TH-003 and CH-TH-005
High Stability Visible Lamp Assembly
• Provides optimal illumination to
fiber optics for remote
• Offers excellent color temperature
• Use with CROWNTECH’s SM Series
• Contains internal current

Optimum Illumination for CROWNTECH’s
SM Series Spectrometers
This lamp is a near Black Body source of light in the visible to near IR spectral
region. It has been designed to produce the maximum illumination from a Black
Body source into a fiber bundle. This light source is primarily for use with the
CROWNTECH Series spectrometers.
The lamp assembly comes in a 3 watt or a 5 watt tungsten/halogen lamp confi-
guration, an aluminum housing, and a wall transformer as a power supply. The power
input is regulated inside the lamp housing to assure a ± 0.4% stability over the current
range. Current regulation ensures color temperature stability.
The tungsten/halogen lamp used inside the lamp has a nominal color
temperature of 2800ºK and an average life of 10,000 hours at this color

Lamp: Tungsten-halogen
Power: Wall transformer, 115 VAC,
50/60 Hz to 12 VDC at 0.8 amps
220 VAC version available
Current Regulation: ± 0.4%
Mean Spherical Candlepower: 3.3
Color Temperature: 2800° K
Bulb Life: 10,000 hrs. average
Housing: Aluminum, convection cooled,
1/4”-20T in base for post mounting.
Connector: SMA Fiber connector Type 905
Long 3.8 inches (9.8cm)
High 2.3 inches (5.9cm)
Wide 2.1 inches (5.7cm)
Weight: 11 ozs. (0.3 kgs.)
Options: Specify SM, FC, ST, CL, or
CS for specific fiber couplers.
Wavelength (nm)
Spectral Distribution of Light Emmitted by Blackbody at 2800ºK.
Ordering Information: Please indicate product
number plus description when ordering.
CH-TH-003 3 watt Tungsten-halogen
Visible Light Assembly
CH-TH-005 5 watt Tungsten-halogen
Visible Light Assembly
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